Full Security Services & Technology Solutions!

Simba Gate Security is one of the leading security companies in Ghana that provide services like manned gaurding and technology solutions. We provide You with time bound and innovative security solutions that are unparalled to any of the security companies in Ghana and applied in both high-threat and low profile operating environments. We have deployed  well trained  and well equipped security guards to recognised industries and so much more. We deliver 24/7 quality security services and we are always ready to serve you.


Dependable Security Services

We have quick responds team to events at all our duty-post and a rapid team ready to respond to emergency.


Our guards are specially trained on skilled information gathering and smart to detect loopholes at when on duty-posts

Wide Operational Presence

We are operational in Ghana, Cote d'Ivoire, Nigeria, Benin and Togo and will grow operations into other countries within the next 10 years

Featured Security Solutions

Our Strategies ensure proactive domination

Manned Guarding

We are one of the leading security companies in Ghana. We provide well trained and equipped security guards to corporate organisations, institutions, executives, government officials, properties and VIPs.

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Industrial Security

We protect your industry from lost and damages through our installations, resources, utilities, materials, classified information and our well trained guards.

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Technology Solution

Simba Gate Security specialise in the installation, maintenance and support of alarm systems, electronic security, access control, remote monitoring...

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