About Us

Who We Are

A reserve of knowledge, skills, experience and ability.

Simba Gate is a leading security solutions provider offering manned guarding service coupled with technology solutions. Our manned guarding services extends to the mining sector, shopping malls, public events, residential, Industrial are many more. Contact us now for the best of security. We are always ready to serve and to serve well. “IN THE JUNGLE, SIMBA IS KING“!


Applying Standard Security Intelligence and procedures to make the Property Protection and security of our Clients our outmost priority and giving our clients the peace of mind to operate in their business activity


To be among the BEST in the industry
(Security and Property Protection)

Operational Values


Our Guards are always prepared to protect our Clients’ Property and be alert at duty-post. We check the movement of unauthorized people around our Clients’ property.


Our guards are specially trained on intelligence information gathering and smart to detect loopholes at duty-post.

Detail Analysis:

Our guards pay very keen attention to details at their duty-post. They pick details to material positions, movement and interactions at duty-post and they respond accordingly to any changes.

Monitoring & Supervision:

We have trained supervisors on duty 24/7 of all our man-guards at the various duty-post. They monitor the man-guards’ alertness at duty-post.


We are responsible for all the properties of our clients in our protection. We protect the premises, properties and valuables from theft and damages.

Financial Responsibility:

Because we are responsible for protecting our clients’ property from theft and damages, we indemnify our clients the value of the property under our protection.